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Established in 1995, Dubai based ACG Group comprises of a network of offices with over 150 experts in the Middle East and Europe and focuses on the Middle East and North African (MENA) region's petroleum industry.Based on our in-depth knowledge, extensive range of experience and understanding of ...


Automotive Digest

The Automotive Newsletter Service comprises five main divisions, each of which has been explained in detail below:

Iran's Economic & Automotive Digest (the one you have already received for trial): A daily service dispatched from Saturday to Wednesday covering the latest developments in the automotive and economic sectors (Thursdays will be covered in the Saturday edition of the newsletter). News is collected from over 25 Farsi newspapers and website. The news is translated into English. This package includes weekly edition as well. The annual subscription fee is: 4,500 Euros.
Optional: ACG will be sensitive to a list of keywords as per the request of your company. News of keywords will be covered in a separate section at the start of the newsletter.
Optional: The media sources and journals to be monitored can be increased based on the request of the client.
Weekly Automotive & Economic News: A weekly service providing subscribers with a summary of the week's most important news in the automotive and economic sectors coming each Wednesdays. The package includes special editions. The annual subscription fee is: 2,000 Euro
Special Edition: A periodical service providing in-depth analysis on a number of current key issues affecting various industries within the economy with our main focus being on the automotive industry. Special Editions will also cover interviews conducted with prominent figures by the local media.
Optional Monthly Report (chart): This report will illustrate the percentage of positive vs negative news the Iranian media has covered regarding your company.

Please contact us for a free-30-day trial period at: