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Established in 1995, Dubai based ACG Group comprises of a network of offices with over 150 experts in the Middle East and Europe and focuses on the Middle East and North African (MENA) region's petroleum industry.Based on our in-depth knowledge, extensive range of experience and understanding of ...


Gas Pressure Reducing Stations

Field of Activity

Produced over 2,500 gas reducing and metering stations for below


  • City Gate Gas Transmission
  • Natural Gas distribution network
  • CNG stations
  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical plants

Gas Reducing Station

Main Parts

EZR, EZH (Top Entry Pilot Regulated) Tight Shutoff Robust Quiet Operation Internally Actuated Debris Protection High Accuracy Easy In‐Line Maintenance In‐Service Travel Indicator

FL (Axial ‐Pilot Regulated) High Capacity Versatility Counterbalanced Shutter Full Strength Diaphragm ES
Easy Startup No Atmospheric Bleed Tight Shutoff Quiet Operation Modularity Design

DRPN (Direct Acting) Noise Attenuation Ease of Maintenance SitSuitablble for Compactt Installations Integral Slam‐Shut

MP (Top Entry) Suitable for All Flows and Pressures Rugged Construction Reliable Operation Ease of Maintenance

OSE Shutoff Device Positive Shutoff Overpressure Protection without Discharge to Atmosphere Two Stage Tripping Mechanism Internal Bypass Equalizer High Accuracy Easy In‐Line Maintenance

Integrated Solutions - Distribution Segment

Pin: 16 bar
Pout: as per request

Gas to Industries

We Offer complete range of metering and reducing stations for Industries.

Middle East

P1: 70 – 40bar
P2: 17 bar
Q: 200,000 Scmh

Middle East

P1: 70 – 40 bar
P2 : 17 bar
Q: 100,000 Scmh


P1: 90 - 20 Bar
P2: 8 Bar
Q: 23,600 Scmh


P1: 5 – 1.5 bar
P2: 1.5 bar
Q: 840


P1: 10 - 6 bar
P2: 4 bar
Q: 1,500 Scmh